Friday, October 4, 2013

Climb a tree!

Remember those times when you were a child and life was really easy? Well, I did that today! Half of my childhood contained of me and my friends climbing on all kinds of trees. We were just sitting there and talking. The coolest kid was of course the one who climed the highest. Sadly these aren't the types of trees it's easy to climb on so I only got this far. haha

Anyways, the first thing that people notice looking into my closet are 1. wow,you have a lot of clothes and 2. you do like stripes,don't you?  So today I went for comfort, which leads to my dear beloved striped tee and the most comfy pants that I've had in a long time. Not to mention my favourite biker boots that I love and adore to death. Don't you just love when you're still so much into a piece of clothing or accessorie after a year has passed, as if you had bought it recently? :)

Tee and Pants: H&M/ Necklace: Ebay/ Cross bracelet: Asos/ ID Bracelet: H&M/ Boots: bought in Germany

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