Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beauty review: Maybellin Color Whisper

I love lipsticks but I'm very picky as I tend to get dry lips. That is why I fell immediately in love with these Maybellin Colour Whisper lipsticks. I wouldn't actually call them lipsticks, they are more like lip balms as they are super moisturizing. They give a very light feel on your lips and aren't very pigmented that's why they are perfect if you're going for a more heavy eye make up look because I don't think I've ever worn smokey eyes with bold vibrant red lips. I tend to follow the rule to accent just one feature at once.

Basically they are perfect for every day use. These three shades were well worn during the summer and I didn't even reached for my usual lip balm as these were the perfect combination: they moisture the lips and give them colour. As you can see in the last picture they are perfect for a natural look. Just add some mascara and blush and you're good to go.

What is your relationship with lipsticks? Have you tried these Maybellin Colour Whisper lipsticks? :)


  1. lovely pictures!
    and lipsticks!

    lots of love

  2. Amazing!

  3. i love the coral one. looks really nice. must try